Explore 16 Original College Application Essay Ideas and Prompts

Explore 16 Original College Application Essay Ideas and Prompts

Do you understand the importance of reading college essay prompts? Do you realize the role of application essay on the whole? These two types of essay belong to the same category. And they predetermine student’s further destiny.

It’s almost impossible to find a worthy job without holding a degree from college or university nowadays. You may underestimate the significance of higher education, but you will feel it on your own skin once you try to find a job without having a diploma. That is why it is crucial to pay attention to the articles with effective prompts like this one.

One of the major prompts is staying unique in any situation. There is no way to buy a resold/prewritten personal statement from the fraudulent writing service and pretend it is your work. Sooner or later, the application officers will find out about your lies. You won’t be given another chance to get enrolled.

Importance of Application Essay Prompts

Before moving to the list of prompts, let us sum up the benefits you may receive after creating or buying a custom application essay.

This unique document contains such data as:

  • Full education/work experience
  • All student’s skills
  • List of topics he or she is proficient at
  • Research achievements
  • Portfolio of the best projects
  • Goals and mission
  • Summary of biography

Thus, the main function of any good application essay for college is to reflect the essence of the candidate without telling too many words. The document serves as the tool for both continuing higher education and finding a job.

Being successful graduates of such prestigious colleges and universities as UCL, Princeton, Oxford, Yale, and other, our team has collected the most useful prompts on writing a college application essay for our readers.

Look through These Useful Academic Prompts

Young professionals and high school graduates face the mission associated with composing a stunning application essay. Actually, every college demands an application essay from all candidates. No matter how high your GPA is, you’ll still be forced to prepare an application essay by obeying the common prompts.

Here are the basic prompts that usually help students to come up with the unique, powerful, and persuasive application essay. You don’t have to use all prompts, but it is better to apply at least half of the shared prompts to your essay.

  1. Describe your entire education and work experience even if it’s not related to the subject of your interest. You never know what may catch an eye of the admissions officers. These people have their own vision on many different things. Thus, name all your job titles, courses, and even hobbies.
  2. Recall an important situation from your life which made you hesitate. Describe how you fought with your doubts. What sort of life lessons did you learn?
  3. You might want to mention your favorite movie or music band in your application essay. Use one of these prompts to arouse keen interest in the people of art. Perhaps, one of the application officers also used to achieve his goals by following the main ideas of the songs written by Bon Jovi, The Beatles, or another successful musician. Probably, one of those movies led you the way. Stay creative – it usually helps to sound unique.
  4. One of the best prompts is related to describing your further educational plans. It is obvious that a student has to explain his pure interest to the target college or university, but for some reasons, many candidates often forget to add this information.
  5. Your application essay must also describe what you want and plan to do once you graduate from the target college. If you have no idea what to say, contact online writing service to get a quick help for cheap.
  6. List your long-term life goals – launching your own business, upbringing a child, investing into the charity, etc.
  7. Looking back to your life before, is there any episode you would like to change? The life is about making complicated decisions. Your goal is to show how well you cope with this mission.
  8. There might be only one last place left for the potential student. Write down what makes you so special? What is so unique about your application essay that can force the officers to choose you as their last resort?
  9. Perhaps, you are excellent at time management. You may be a great writer with your own story better than “Harry Potter” or other famous books of nowadays. Share your special skill with the admissions committee.
  10. Tell a bit about your negative sides. Don’t go deep into the details. At least, it will prove that you have a sober mind even though you should try to boast your positive aspects more.
  11. The time is not given only to learn. You may be encouraged to describe one or two things that you have completed during your life that have nothing to do with your studies. For instance, you may tell about your success in the world of fashion by recalling your participants in the advertisement campaign. You may share your sports achievements. After all, you can recall how you helped your best friend to revive his relationships. Psychologist skills are important in all aspects of human life, after all.
  12. The prompts say that you cannot pose a question in your application essay. That is true. Even if you add a question, provide an answer to it.
  13. One of the prompts for writing a good personal statement involves imagining an interview with a famous person. Who would it be? Describe your short conversation with a political leader, celebrity, or world-known scientist depending on your area of expertise.
  14. An application essay may reflect your personality in more original ways like choosing an animal which has the same traits of character. Explain your decision.
  15. Is there anything that has completely changed your life? Share it with your officers. Prompts like these should not be ignored.
  16. Submit a strong cover letter along with your application essay to support your position. It is one of the most efficient prompts as for today.

Do not get ready for failure – you should try the best prompts before submitting the final draft of the application essay. As a last resort, you can rely on the effective custom writing service like this one. They will do the whole application thing for you using the best prompts!