Explore Top Careers in Philosophy and Related Fields

Explore Top Careers in Philosophy and Related Fields

You might never believe, but Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton, and Woody Allen all used to graduate with a philosophy degree. There are more famous people with the philosophy degree. Today, it seems like this destiny has no perspectives. You’re right in some ways. You either become a great philosopher when you graduate, or you spend the rest of your life in the shadow, leading only the small groups of enthusiast.

We all know that the mentioned people have built magnificent careers in various fields: politics, cinematography, and law. You may wonder if their philosophy background helped. The answer is: yes. The question is how they managed to use old, trivial skills to gain such success. Our mission is to share the secrets of successful philosophers by pointing out what exactly you can do as the graduate with the corresponding degree behind your back.

The biggest mistake of all university philosophy graduates is to waste their time on proclaiming phrases like, “"I think, therefore I am." Everyone knows that life is difficult, you get what you deserve, time is money, etc. The point is that nowadays you have to impress society with something innovative which is still based on something old and very well-known. You have to raise an excellent philosophy orator in yourself.

The main secret of successful careers is that you should not focus on giving public speeches and writing books in philosophy. You should treat philosophy as the subject which can broaden your employment horizons once you graduate from the university.

Major Skills Guaranteed by Your Philosophy Degree

The most important skills that philosophy degree can offer are:

  1. Critical thinking
  2. In-depth research
  3. Analytical judgment

90% of all well-paid careers need those skills from each applicant. When you graduate from a university with a good background in philosophy, it means that you always have your own point of view regarding any issue. Philosophy is so appreciated as a society still prefers to talk instead of acting. However, there are two categories of people, as you know: those who graduate from prestigious university and possess enough knowledge to change this world for better, and those who do not possess amazing educational qualifications but can contribute to the world with their physical skills. It is also well-known that people who think earn more with their careers than people who act. Philosophy degree helps to get in the first category. In other words, those who graduate from university with this degree have higher chances of passing wealthy careers.

Postgraduate Study in University

Many students with philosophy degree start thinking about postgraduate study in the same or another elite university. If you asked to write a new personal statement or cover letter again, you might leave this job to the online writing experts. The major part of the philosophy graduates prefers continuing with their postgraduate education. Up to 10% of them mix their education with their careers. Many of philosophy students continue their higher education to become known university lecturers. Others supplement their degrees with a vocational qualification such as law.

Careers for Those with a Degree in Philosophy

So far, you are a lucky graduate with a philosophy degree in your hands. It would be easy to get every second position in the field of medical research, politics, or sociology. Each of these fields is quite promising as our community often suffers from the related problems. These careers also help to remove the existing barriers to our communication.

You can even join any business field. The major part of business people usually needs good a piece of advice concerning the philosophical aspect of their products and services. Philosophy goes hand in hand with moral and ethical issues, so focus on this fact.

Anyway, the first thing which may come to your mind once you’re a graduate of the university with philosophical orientation is joining the area of teaching.

Teaching careers

Public schools and every private university equally demand good specialists with philosophy degree to teach their students a variety of complex humanitarian disciplines. Students are sick and tired of reading and memorizing thick books and journal articles. Make their life easier by offering own research in the field of philosophy. Highlight the important of this degree and opportunities of each university graduate who gets involved in this course. Show a clear vision of your ideas and how your project should be carried out.

Careers in public sector

That is how many people with a degree in philosophy become part of the political life. You will be armed with good information on every spectrum of socio-political life once you graduate from the university. The best options for graduates with philosophy degrees are some careers in the national healthcare services and state government. Philosophy degree often guarantees some prestigious careers in the field of international communications, i.e., diplomacy). One has to think analytically when trying to help the entire country. Who knows – perhaps, you are the one to change the life of your motherland for better after setting the administrative goals clearly.

What about careers in publishing and journalism?

This type of careers requires all your communication and research skills. Those who possess a degree in philosophy from a prestigious university do not have to get enrolled in any specialized journalism programs. University graduates with such education background usually are excellent in writing essays, even though sometimes they may order brilliant academic papers online to save time. Save your arguments and questions for the most famous magazines, scientific newspapers, journals, etc. Make sure to study the subject which is relevant for the modern careers in science. University candidates with philosophy degree usually known how to describe typical American problems to attract attention.

Some of the best careers in publishing include positions in editorial, production, marketing, and sales as well as in such journalism-based areas as research, writing, and different shapes of broadcasting and multimedia. The work experience for these philosophy related careers should not be less than 5 years.