TOP 5 Students’ New Year Resolutions

TOP 5 Students’ New Year Resolutions

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are known to be a great time to stop, to think and to reflect on your past year and what purposes and tasks you have managed to accomplish during this year. Another thing you should think of is your plan for the next year. You can think about what you will have to do and which goals you will have to reach in the coming year. Find the thing on which you will focus and figure out your own approach to it.

What is a resolution for a student?

New Year Resolutions are a great opportunity to think about your intentions and goals. And for sure one of the most important things in the students’ New Year's resolutions is their success in studying. So the New Year is a great time to analyze the previous semester and find out what mistakes were made, in which way they may be fixed, and how to become a better student in general. It is no matter you are on a half-way to your degree, or you have just started your studying, the beginning of the year is a really good time to think what you would like to do in a different way during the next year. We have done a small survey and gathered the most interesting and popular New Year’s resolutions for students. You can find them all in the article.

  1. To become organized

A great number of students have included the issue of self-organization in their New Year’s resolutions. It is a great problem for many high school and university students. In their resolutions students would like to start:

  • Writing down and organizing the class notes;
  • Reading before the seminar and not after it; 
  • Making clear notes during every lecture and not before the exam;
  • Creating and following a strict studying schedule during the exams.

Everyone wants to do all assignments in advance, but always leave them until the last moment. So they listed this point in their resolutions.

  1. To spend less time on extra-curricular activities

Studying at the university is a great time for new acquaintances, hobbies, and activities. And sometimes all these things may be so addictive that students forget what they have actually to do when studying at the university. Many students have to find the way in which they can cut down their extra-curricular activities and spent more time on studying. The student has to find a balance between numerous extra activities and studies.

But sometimes a student has to work in order to pay for his or her education loan and get an experience. And he has to choose between two options: to spend time on writing an essay or any other writing task or cut down studying time and devote it to work. It’s hard to combine all at once. And if a student faces tight deadlines and a large number of writing assignments, he can ask for the help and order an essay, a coursework or a research paper from professionals.

  1. To attend more university clubs

Of course, while speaking about the university, we don’t think about coursework only. University gives a great opportunity to meet new friends and to try many kinds of activities and different clubs. That’s why those who pay great attention to studying included this point in their resolutions. These clubs and activities can give not only new acquaintances and socialization. Communicating with new people you will also be getting the feeling of freedom. You will become more ambitious, and you will be able to set up several new and clear goals. So in the new year choose at least one new activity or club.

  1. Less procrastinating

Procrastinating has become a great problem recently. It is a common sign of young people all over the world. And there is a feeling that the more we talk about it, the more people suffer from it. That’s why “stop procrastinating” is a common year resolution for many students. They may procrastinate in a specific task ( coursework, for example) or in general.

How to succeed with this resolution

This resolution is one of the hardest. It’s almost impossible just stop doing it. If you want to do this, first of all, you have to identify specific actions which you would do in order to stop procrastination. It depends on your procrastination habits. For example, you may ban YouTube until the task is completed or find a place without distractions. But if you have problems with this resolution, the time is running out, and you have so many writing tasks to do, you can ask for the professional help with your assignments.

  1. To make your lifestyle better

In fact, student’s lifestyle has a direct and strong influence on his academic achievements and success. If his health is not ok, he will not have any opportunity to concentrate on studying. That’s why this resolution is also common for many students. Students care about their health and fitness, and this is great. A good sleep, well-balanced and healthy food, some exercises will help students have good health and prevent diabetes (and many other harsh health conditions). The student may join the campus gym or any other sports club. He has to cut down junk food and sleep well. Smoking as well as hanging out in the bars is not a good idea if you want to be healthy.

So New Year’s resolutions are great things which can help you to find out what are your achievements of the last year and what goals of your next year. But if you practice Ner Year resolutions you have to be strong enough not to quit them. Recent surveys have shown that majority resolutions don’t last even to February! If you see that you have the same resolutions for several years may be it’s time to find the new tactics or to take a break. Or there are some points in your resolutions that do not suit you? Resolutions are useful things, but they should be a pleasure or a motivation rather than a burden.